My leg problems….

I haven’t posted on here in ages, but I currently need to vent because I am struggling a bit. So- exactly three weeks ago I was on holiday in Aberdeen where my friends and I decided to go ice skating. I ended up slipping very awkwardly on my leg and broke it pretty badly. I managed to just escape operation, however they put me in a full leg cast which goes all the way up to my thigh.

This is proving very difficult, as I have to keep the same cast on for six weeks because the orthopedic people are reluctant to risk moving the bone. In this cast- I can’t bend my leg at all, it is extremely heavy therefore I can’t walk far on my crutches without getting extremely exhausted. I am also on very strong painkillers which make me feel constantly sick and tired. Whenever I have to stand up or walk on my crutches for a long time, it is always really sore and aches the next day. I have three weeks left in this full length cast, i’m hoping it goes by quickly.

I am also having to miss my first month of my last year at uni. I am so scared about falling behind as I am having to go through all the lecture slides and stuff at home. Not gonna lie, sitting at home all day is making me bored out of my mind, but getting around is just such a struggle at the moment. Heal fast little Tibia!!

aww this was my first Matilda cast 

aww this was my first Matilda cast 

or in my bed?

can I have Mevans on a plate?